Angella's '63 Chevy II

This is Craig's wife Angella's '63 Chevy II convertible. She fell in love with Crabby Karl Breslaw's convertible at the 2nd Anual Nova Listserv Gathering in the summer of 2000 and quickly put Craig to the task of finding her one. After just a few months of searching far and wide, this one turned up just 120 miles away.

It may be the "one slow one" for now, but anyone that knows Craig very well should know that it won't stay that way long. He is aleady gathering parts to drop in a mild sbc in the winter of '01/'02. That sbc will most likely be the 307 from the '73, unless a killer deal is found on something else in 2001. That mostly stock smog motor pushed Craig's '73 to a 14.35@93, so it should do nicely in the much ligher Deuce. Plus there is a set of ported double-hump heads and a nice cam lying around that are begging for a new home. So whatever motor ends up between the shock towers will be stout enough to keep most of those pesky Mustangs at bay.

Its a '63 Chevrolet Chevy II Nova convertible (all convertibles came in the Nova 400 trim). One of about 25,000 made in '63. 1962 was the only other year convertible Novas were produced, so its somewhat of a rare car (or will be someday).

It is quite original, but has had a number of parts replaced. It has a new top, new carpet, new seat covers and it was repainted 10-15 years ago. It still has the original 194 I-6, Powerglide tranny and 4 lug drum brakes. Despite its age and outdated equipment, it drives very nicely and the little 6-cylinder pushes it along quite well (for the time being).

Since Craig's '73 is the bruiser, Angella's '63 will be a lot more sedate. It'll be set up for calm Sunday drives, Christmas parades, cruising and the occasional trip down the 1320'. Angella says high 13s will do, but high 12s sound better! Dang, what a woman!

The stock hub caps aren't terrible, but the little Deuce needs a shot of testosterone. So the plan is to switch over to 5-lugs and add some Weld Draglites. 15X3-1/2" up front and 15X7 out back. 165r15 and 235/70-15 are the planned tires sizes. Its not certain that large of a tire will fit on the rear, but Craig got them for free, so what the heck.

Here are some more pictures.

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