G03 Day One - Wednesday
G03 Day Two - Thursday
G03 Day Three - Friday
G03 Day Four - Saturday

Sunday began with the awards ceremony in the motel parking lot. We had the piston trophies as usual, but this year we had runner-up trophies as well! Craig did a nice job cutting some small-block Chevy cams down to size and tapped them so Bruce could pretty them up and put them together. In addition to the trophies, Dan Hardison was nice enough to talk Jeg Coughlin into donating some freebies to the cause, so we had tons of racing logbooks to hand out as well as some 1/24 scale die cast models, CD-ROM racing games, T-shirts, and hats to give away. Thanks Dan and Jeg's! Jim's cousin also donated a couple shirts and a bunch of hats for the Gathering. You guys are all too generous!

The crowd was getting hungry...

Here's Mr. Streetable and The Van Man trying to read their own handwriting.

Rick Montalbano receiving the much-coveted Top Eliminator trophy.

Jim Acker receiving the not-quite-as-much-coveted Top Eliminator Runner-up trophy while Karl and Mark look on in envy...

Karl Breslaw came in third place in the Top Eliminator competition.

Craig Watson won the Low E.T. competition for the third time in five years with an all-time Gathering Low E.T. of 10.99@122.54mph.

Larry Davis took home 2nd Place honors for Low E.T. with an 11.78, and Shawn O'Donnell took third with his 12.92.

The embarrassing-yet-honorable title of sLow E.T. went to Mike Parsons with a blistering 22.49 second run, and that was without the pans!

Jim Acker was a bridesmaid once again, with the runner-up position for sLow E.T. at 21.65. Peter Barthuly took third with his 21.05 run.

Wes took the Long Distance in a Nova award for driving Peter's Nova all the way from Washington State to Joplin, Missouri. Dan Didier happily won 2nd place and Dave Smeal was third (Rich Marshall accepted the award for him, so to speak. Okay, we screwed up!).

A big THANKS goes out to Larry and Di for coming up with the Good Samaritan Award idea and for supplying the watches to give away to these genuinely wonderful people who gave much of their time to others for G03. Good Samaritan Award: Mike Parsons - when Rick M's wheel bearing siezed on the way to G03, Mike unloaded his Nova from the trailer, put Rick's on it, and had Rick drive his Nova the rest of the way, then proceeded to work (and sweat) his butt off getting Rick back in running condition at the motel. Not only that, but he's the official T.E. Crewchief for Rick!

Good Samaritan Award: Wes - Peter bought a Nova in Utah, I believe, and Wes went down and picked it up, got it running well for Peter, and drove it all the way to G03 so Peter to could take it the rest of the way to Boston. Not only that, but Wes stopped at Brian Busse's house on the way and drank all of Brian's Mountain Dew....errr...I mean worked with Brian on Brian's non-starting car until 7am the next day - and they got it running, which saved ALL of us list members countless e-mails from Brian! ;-)

One Hard Luck award went to Ray Buck for his continual starting and oiling problems he dealt with for hundreds of miles between Utah and Missouri. But he still made it! The other Hard Luck Award went to Jake Webb for bending all eight exhaust pushrods and hanging one valve in the guide on Thursday night.

The Least Likely Racer Award went to Yvonne Green (Lee's mom) for burning the balonies and taking Lee's car down the strip, full-throttle all the way!

Hardest Bitten by the Racing Bug: Dave Smeal! He was ALL fired up about racing and he plans to do some more at local events, and maybe even have his wife try it out!

Most Legal Passes at the Dragstrip (and a whole bunch of illegal passes on Rangeline Road during his many tuning sessions): Dan Didier, with 26 passes (including one in the brackets where he nailed his dial-in, but cut a .495 light! Ouch.) And the car outlasted Dan and kept running so well he drove it home. The Runner-Up was Craig Hitchcock with an impressive 23 passes.

Okay then, time for breakfast. Let's go!

We went to Golden Corral for breakfast, and that was about it for G03.

We broke up after breakfast, said our long goodbyes in the parking lot, and headed our separate ways. Thanks a bunch everyone, we had a fantastic time as always! See you next year...


Copyright 2003 Bruce Johnson and Craig Watson