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Here are 3 videos of a cut down (for hauling purposes) '51 Plymouth melting down a 215/60-14 B.F. Goodrich Radial T/A tire on a Rocket Stage 1 wheel until it blows. Three separate videos, about 15 seconds and 1.2 Mb each, the last one shows the blowout.

'51 Plymouth Video Part 1 - 1.2 Mb

'51 Plymouth Video Part 2 - 1.2 Mb

'51 Plymouth Video Part 3 - 1.2 Mb

Here's a video of Bruce's '86 Chevy half-ton, 2WD, 2.73-geared beater pickup annihilating a Wintermark 235/75-15 snow tire. The video is about 15 seconds long and 1.4 Mb. No blowout this time.

Pickup Burnout Video

Here's a video of Marv's '69 Nova lighting them up. It's got a 406, 3.73s, and a TH700-r4 tranny.

'69 Nova Burnout Video - 893 Kb

This is Jason Cramer's big, bad, Buick on its way to a 10.42 ET.

Grand National Burnout/Race Video - 1.2 Mb

Click here for Bruce's 12-picture '72 Nova burnout sequence from 1988

Click here for Bruce's 5-picture '72 Nova burnout sequence from 1991

This is Rickard from Sweden!

Dan at G02 at Marion County International Raceway

Bruce at Mid America Dragway in Kansas (photo by Eddie King)

Craig at Mid America Dragway in Kansas (photo by Eddie King)

Craig and Bruce waiting to race (photo by Aren Cambre)

Lee making a grand G01 exit (photo by Aren Cambre)

Lee still exiting (photo by Shawn O'Donnell)

Eddie beating a hasty retreat (photo by Shawn O'Donnell)

Tony taking a few miles off (photo by John Heard)

Rob is trying to impress... (photo by Eddie King)

Shawn O'Donnell... (photo by Eddie King)

Shawn doing what he does best (photo by David Shipman)

Shawn vs. Jim (photo by Jim Acker)

Here's Shawn doing a smokey to try to hook up at Beech Bend Raceway

Another of Shawn at Beech Bend Raceway

This is Tom's burnout in the early stages

Tom's burnout after the fact

Karl Breslaw "smoking" a certain yellow Nova

More of Tom

Tom again

Here's Clayton at Beech Bend Raceway

Clayton at Beech Bend again

Another of Clayton at Beech Bend Raceway

Richard's 350-powered, 3.42-geared Nova taking a few thousand miles off the tires...

Here's a different Rich...

Rich again

And Rich on the sidewalk!

This is Dave Meier

Another of Dave Meier

Dave disappears...

Sure it's a front-driver, but it's still a burnout! Thanks Eddie.

More of Eddie's FWD smoke.

Unfortunately I don't recall who sent this in, so if you're the guilty party, e-mail me the info and I'll credit you.

Just your typical shot of a full-size van doing a burnout on a sidewalk. Huh?

Here's Rich's van again.

These pictures are from Ken N. and from an impromptu burnout show on his own street. Some very nice cars in attendance.

Ben's 4-door makin' some noise

Nick's '78 Z28

Thanks to David for sending these in. I don't have any info on the cars or owners, however, so if you know something about these cars, let me know!

These shots come all the way from Sweden! Magnus has having fun with his '72 Camaro RS.

Here's Ralph's '68 Nova

This is John's '70 Firebird Formula 400 RA III with the original engine!

This one comes from John in Tennessee.

Here's Clint's Nova gettin' some smoke.

This is Josh Nye's Malibu(?) losing several miles of use from his passenger-side tire.

This is Sean's '73 hatchback Nova with a crate motor and 2.73-geared one-wheel wonder!

That's all we've got for now, so if you've got some good burnout pics or vids, let us know!

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