Nova List Gatherings

The Nova Listserv is an e-mail based group of Nova enthusiasts that have conversed via e-mail daily since 1998.  Strong friendships have been developed over the last 17+ years, so we get together each year at what is known as the Nova Listserv Gathering.  Started in 1999 by Bruce and Craig, the Gathering has been held in many states and cities over the past 17 years.  We plan a variety of activities that center around our Novas.  We check out each other's cars, we bench race, we talk about modifications, we run the cars on a chassis dyno some years, we always try to work in a day of drag racing, we go for scenic drives, take in local site-seeing locations and of course we eat well!  So its a great half-week of Nova fun with a great group of people.  We really have been a big, extended family in many ways.

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We have temporarily taken down the old Gathering pages due to various issues with the code.  A server move and updates to Flash are forcing us to update those pages.  We'll work on it as time allows and hopefully have the pages back up before too long.

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