Traction Bar Installation

Tips and Suggestions:
While doing this job, you may want to consider replacing the rubber pads that are between the lower shock plates and the springs and between the springs and the rearend housing.

Some traction bars will come up short of hitting under the front spring eyes. That is OK for mildly powered cars, but on higher power cars or cars with mono-leaf springs, lengthened bars is a better situation. Its not really a big deal to extend the bars using some readily available square and rectangular steel tubing. This drawing of lengthened traction bars should do a decent job of explaining the method that I've used in the past. One exception is the bolt. I welded the new rectangular tubing to the traction bars, but I did use the square tubing inside for location and strength. I think the bolt-on method would be adequate since the square tubing is a tight fit inside the rectangular pieces.

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